Various theories and rumors about Tupac's death found around the net.

Why do some believe Tupac lives?
1. Numerology. Tupac was gunned down seven months after his All Eyez on Me CD was released. He was shot on Sept 7. His age (25) added up to 7 (2+5). Even his time of death, 4:03, adds up to to 7. The name of his Makaveli album: The 7 Day Theory. The producer of that album is listed as Simon. In the bible, Simon (Peter) was an apostle of Jesus and one of the first witnesses of the Resurrection listed by Saint Paul (I Cor. 15:5).
2. The rapper used the name Makaveli on his last album. Machiavelli, an Italian philosopher, suggested faking one's death to deter enemies.
3. Tupac always wore a bulletproof vest but for some reason didn't wear one the night he was shot.
4. No pictures of him in the hospital were ever released.
5. He was cremated the day after he died, before an autopsy could be conducted. (there was an autopsy)
6. Big public funeral services were planned, but cancelled. (security risks)
7. He died on Friday the 13th.

  • Yafeu Fula (Outlawz : Kadafi) (Note: Fula was killed in New Jersey on November 10th, 1996)
  • Malcolm Greenridge (Outlawz : E.D.I. Mean)
  • Frank Alexander (Tupac's bodyguard)
  • "Suge Shot Me" at the beginning of the Makaveli album (This refers to rumor of Suge setting up Tupac)
  • Main Suspect : Baby Lane aka Orlando Anderson.
After Tupac was gunned down in Las Vegas, 2 months later, Yafeu Fula (Kadafi), was shot once in the head and found slumped in a third-floor hallway of a housing project in New Jersey on November 10th, 1996 at about 3:48 a.m. He was taken to the University Hospital in Newark, where he died Sunday afternoon. Yafeu (Kadafi) was the only witness willing to identify the killers of Tupac. Police arrested two Irvington teen-agers in the killing of Yafeu Fula. The two were charged with murder and weapons offenses. Authorities declined to release the suspects' names because they were juveniles. Police said the killing wasn't related to Tupac's.

18 Reasons
Chuck D: On why Tupac is still alive Jordan Pelaez: Proves Chuck D wrong
1. 2Pac died on Friday the 13th . . . 1. For superstitious people that's significant evidence . . . after all they believe the world shall come to a blazing end come the year 2000. It just happens to be a coincidence and is just another part of the odd and weird events surrounding Tupac's life.
2. Las Vegas is a payoff City. Meaning all sorts of folks have been known to be on the take. That means doctors, press, lawyers etc. 2. Seen any recent gangster movies Chuck? I can tell you that this is one of the most insane and ridiculous theories I have heard, well ok, Spotting Tupac in London is worse.
3. The white Cadillac containing the assailants. Was never found . . . How could this be when Vegas is in the middle of a desert? 3. Take Biggie's shooting for example, was the shooters car found? The infamous white Cadillac is probably a red mustang at a local chop shop in southern California now.
4. There's a small Black community on the North side of town. This strip is only about 8 blocks long. The attackers were Black. Where did they go? Where did they hide? 4. The attackers (Southside Crip Orlando "Baby Lando" Anderson.) were already in LA when the police released the information on the car.
5. The white Cadillac containing the gunmen passes a entourage of 2Pac's boys. Many of them body guards . . . No one gives chase. And there are no witness . . . There were no witnesses on the street . . . How come? Why not? 5. Actually they did give chase and shots were reportedly fired back, although they will deny it of course. There were many eye witness walking on the strip as well.
6. The name of 2Pac's next album is Makaveli. He was an Italian war strategist who faked his death to fool his enemies . . . Perhaps 2Pac is doing the same thing. 6. Niccolò Machiavelli was an Italian war theorist. He did not fake his death, only advocated such thing.
7. The cover of his next album. Has 2Pac looking like Jesus Christ . . . Could he be planning a resurrection? 7. When I first put up my resurrection article on the DRHQ (it was taken down one day after), I was provided with false information and I clearly didn't have as much of truth that I obtain now. The cover was something Tupac always had in mind. One thing about Tupac was that he couldn't just be the same as any other rapper or person, he had to stand out every time.
8. Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert. How come there was no helicopter chase . . . If someone was to rob a casino. The LVPD would've chased you down with some helicopters . . . How come this didn't happen with 2Pac shooting? 8. Looks like you answered that question for me Chuck. We live in a world of racist and evil cops who, on top of that, had a special hate for Tupac because of a shooting he was involved in with two off duty cops.
9. 2Pac was cremated the day after he died . . . Since when does someone get cremated the day after a murder . . . There was no autopsy. 9. Most people are cremated one to three days after their death. In Tupac's case, why would his family want his body exposedfor that long of a period? Oh and Chuck . . . There was an autopsy, MTV and America's Most Wanted have both confirmed it in special segments.
10. There were no ballistic tests . . . At least we haven't heard about them . . . 10. Wrong again Chuck! Ballistic tests are on record and have been confirmed by many sources.
11. Las Vegas is still very much a mob town. No one gets killed on the strip . . . You have to pretty much get permission in order for something like this to happen. Who was calling the shots on this one? 11. Wow, let me buy some of the movies you're viewing these days Chuck. Let me clear this up for you, "Tupac Shakur had no relationship with the Mob nor did they have him killed." You're not in touch with reality and like most Tupac fans, you can't come to a state of mind and let Tupac rest in peace.
12. 2Pac's vehicle got shot 12 times and Suge didn't get hit once. He was 'grazed' by a bullet. Why did 2Pac get shot all those times and Suge not get hit? 12. Now this is the one theories I just can't handle talking about. First, the shooter was on Tupac's side of the car and it's only natural that he would get hit and Suge wouldn't. Now for the Suge Knight killed Tupac theory, who the fuck would have somebody shoot 12 bullets at them? I could see if somebody walked up to the car at close range and fired one head shot at Tupac then took off, but 12 bullets flying at a one door BMW?
13. Suge said he drove 2Pac to the hospital and they had a coherent conversation? How bad was 2Pac hit? In addition to all this. There are conflicting stories claiming that Quincy Jones daughter was in the back of the car. and then she wasn't. What's the deal for real? 13. I could see having a coherent conversation with Tupac after he was shot, after all, isn't this the same Tupac that smoked some weed after he was shot 5 times in a Times Square recording studio? Kadida Jones was not in the car. Sources tell me she was at one of the Las Vegas hotels when Tupac was shot and planned on meeting him later that night at Mike Tyson's mansion to celebrate his victory.
14. 2Pac has completed 2 movies and 3 lps that have yet to be released. With so many people upset about 2Pac's death. Literally anything connected with him is bound to net a whole lot of cash . . . 14. Fashion designer "Gianni Versace" has completed two lines and have yet to be released. People have been buying Versace up the ying-yang, does this mean he faked his death as well?
15. Suge Knight and 2Pac are the only two music industry people on that high a profile with enough balls to pull off a stunt like faking death . . . 15. Although Suge Knight is a shady figure and it's hard to believe he actually cared for Tupac as a friend, he did. Even as Death Row milked money out of Tupac and robbed his estate, Suge and Pac had a bond together. Tupac was, "Capo to the Don," and he followed the rules of the game and went along with it. He felt that Death Row touched him when nobody else would even look at him. His plan was to put in his work and pay off his debt. He then was to start his own production company, "Makaveli Records." Suge and Tupac might be the only two music industry people on that high of a profile with enough balls to pull off a stunt like faking death, but they're also very smart and any wise man can tell you that Tupac is worth more alive than dead.
16. 2Pac's video 'I Ain't Mad At Cha' foretold his death . . . 16. Most of 2Pac's lyrics foretold his early meeting with death.
17. 2Pac always wore a bullet proof vest but for some strange reason he didn't wear one this time. Why not? 17. Kadida Jones was quoted as saying: "Tupac decided not to wear his bullet proof vest because it was very hot that night and he had just got his shirt torn in a scuffle," she says in an interview. He then put on a green basketball jersey as seen moments before death in a picture.
18. The memorial services that were open to the public were cancelled in both Los Angeles and Atlanta . . . 18. They were both cancelled for safety reasons.

What I Believe
2PAC is Dead and Gone, but Makaveli is Alive and Well...

by Karen Murphy-Smith
Copyright 1996

****NOTE: The Journalist uses the spelling 2PAC rather then the more common spelling of Tupac, because the artist himself as well as the record label Death Row Record uses it .****

On Tuesday, November 5, 1996, Death Row Records released the ?final? recording of ?deceased? Rap artist 2Pac Shakur aka Makaveli.At one minute past midnight many fans in our area and around the country waited in lines outside of music stores in order to secure a copy of the much anticipated "Makaveli - the don killuminati - the 7 day theory" recording. It's ironic that on the same day that millions casted ballots for President - millions more were casting votes-of-approval for the ?slain? artist.

According to the Public Relations Department of Death Row Records, "Makaveli... (is) 2Pac's fifth solo album, the second on The New and 'Untouchable' Death Row Record label."Makaveli is said to be Shakur's alter ego, which is steeped in the philosophy of Italian political theorist Niccolò Machiavelli.2Pac read Machiavelli's The Prince more than once. (Bantam Books, Classics)Poli. Sci. students and political moguls should be familiar with terms like Machiavellianism and Machiavellian, which refers to this political doctrine that denies the relevance of morality in political affairs, and holds that craft and deceit are justified in pursuing and maintaining political power. (American Heritage Dictionary, second college edition) The name Makaveli or Machiavelli is synonymous with controversy. Niccolò Machiavelli the 14th century Italian high-level functionary and mover and shaker, wrote The Prince as a tool or handbook for rulers during the Florentine era in 1513.In The Prince, Machiavelli presents a ten point plan for aspiring conquerors which includes:

1. Studying and familiarizing one's self with the Kingdom(s) that they wish to conquer.
2. Annihilating or expelling the conquered King(s).
3. Extinguishing all heirs to the throne.
4. Purging the Kingdom(s) of defectors, spies, and traitors.
5. Selecting advisors who will strengthen one's Kingdom(s).
6. Keeping previously established oppressive taxes and laws. Or, establishing them.
7. Intimidating or putting the fear in the hearts of neighboring Kings.
8. Moving to, and residing in the newly conquered Kingdom(s).
9. If one chooses not to reside in or near those Kingdom(s), then establishing colonies there.
10. If one does not reside there, nor establishes colonies there, then sending troops to occupy the area(s). (All the while the Prince must be mindful, that he can never really trust anyone- except for himself; that fearful subjects ae better than loving subjects; and finally, that everything and everyone is expendable for the sake of one's Kingdom.)

This pragmatic belief system which considered morality and ethics incompatible to political objectives, in some respects corresponds to the fiery lifestyle that young Shakur - who survived a near death drive-by shooting attempt on his life, nearly a year incarcerated, and a tragic and untimely ?death? two months ago, had carved out for himself.This charismatic, outspoken, influential, pragmatic, an controversial genius was born in the Bronx, NY.2Pac produced five albums and starred in several films.

Friends, enemies, and fans alike honored, (not buried him) during candle-light vigils, memorial services, and scheduled events around the country.2Pac's ?death? appeared to have had a cathartic affect in the Rap Music Industry. Those west-coast / east-coast rivalries seem to have diminished ( for the time being).Was 2Pac Shakur - - Rap's sacrificial lamb?Have the curtains or barriers between rival factions been transformed into common threads?Perhaps 2Pac hoped so, which is why Makaveli is with us today. Just how alive Makaveli is, can be determined from the rather sketchy information surrounding 2Pac's ?death?, understanding the significance in his name change to Makaveli, listening to the Introduction of the Makaveli recording, listening to the dialogue between some of the songs on the recording, listening to the various sound effects throughout the recording, listening closely to the lyrics of the first song Bomb First, the fifth song - Blasphemy, and the last song - Against All Odds, reading the un-coded message inside the CD/tape cover, reading the words on the CD/tape front cover, and deciphering the religious symbols on the CD/tape front cover.

2Pac's ?death?

One need not be a psychic in order to figure out that things don't quite add up about the shooting ?death? of 2Pac Shakur.Things like, no witnesses ever surfaced, which in and of itself is strange.Sure, street savvied people like us normally duck or find cover during gun play, but we also tend to ask questions like who - what- and - why when things like this go down. Wasn't a large sum offered in exchange for information? You mean to tell me that no one came forward? The general public never got a glimpse of the ?injured? artist before his ?death?In this era of tabloids I find it hard to believe that the Paparazzi (media) couldn't infiltrate the hospital and snap one polaroid?Or, wave carrots in front of the noses of hospital staff who would sell them information?After all, inquiring minds still want to know.

The public was not given an opportunity to say farewell to the ?slain? artist.Reality check:(God forbid!), but if The King of Pop, The Queen of Soul, The Polish Prince, The Godfather of Soul, or "Old Blue Eyes" himself traveled to the next plain (died); wouldn't they have state funerals? After all, 2Pac was controversial, lead a high profile and colorful life, shrouded himselfin opulence; but choose not to go out in style? What about his lyrics:

"Bury me smilin', with G's in my pocket
have a party at my FUNERAL
Let every Rapper rock it
Let tha hoes that I usta know from way before
Kiss me from my head to my toe
Give me a paper and a pen,
so I can write about my life of sin
A couple bottles of Gin In case I don't get in
Tell all my people I'm a Ridah
Nobody cries when we die
We outlaws, let me ride"

Tupac- All Eyez On Me "Life goes On"

Please! 2Pac was Black. As a black - I can tell you -- that we recognize and honor the dead, it's assumptive. If we lived well, then we're likely to be put away well. (Even if we choose cremation rather then burial.)


I explained who Machiavelli was, what he did, and what his claim to fame was.Now I'll explain who Makaveli is today.Makaveli is a conglomerate in the form of: Makaveli Records, Makaveli the don Killuminati the 7 day theory, Makaveli the writer, and Makaveli Shakur's alter ego.Machiavelli wrote a book entitled, The Prince. There's also an artist who was formally known as Prince who re-invented himself.2Pac too, has re-invented himself. He's gone from 2Pac the artist - to Makaveli the conglomerate.Mortals come and go, but legends are the same today, tomorrow, and forever. (eg: Valentino, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Hendrix, Marvin Gaye)

Death Row's P.R.

The New and 'Untouchable' Death Row Records published a Press Release entitled, "2PAC aka Makaveli." Contained in the two and a half paged press release is a biography of Shakur, a list and description of his recordings, and a list of his other accomplishments (i.e.:films and other industry ventures.)A careful read of this press release provides insights about 2Pac and Makaveli."Just two months after his tragic and untimely death, 2Pac is heard on what he felt was the truest expression of his feeling to date.Makaveli... is in fact, Shakur's alter ego, steeped in the philosophy of the Italian political theorist Niccolò Machiavelli...His recent travails had also reawakened him to the hopes of a world yet to be achieved, yet to be created for and by those who have no voice.2Pac was a free man not just in body but in spirit..."The release also announced the name change of his label from "Out Da Gutta" label to "Makaveli Records". In addition, the group formerly known as "Thug Life" have changed their name to "Outlaw Immortalz", consisting of (Kadafi, Hussein, Kastro, E.D.I. Mean, Napolean, Mussolini, and Khomeini). 2Pac and many of those around him must have been going through some major changes, if my read of this release is correct.

Listening to the CD

The words in the introduction of the Makaveli recording are self explanatory.Every time 2Pac's name is mentioned, the moderator says, "Rather... Makaveli" or "I mean, Makaveli." ( A blurring of 2Pac and his alter ego, if you ask me.) Mentioned also in the introduction are: "a conspiracy", the names of supposed east-coast rivals and enemies of 2Pac and Death Row Records, a prediction of Makaveli's success, 2Pac's rational for existence, and a challenge to his fans. How one reacts to Makaveli's Makaveli - the don Killuminati - the 7 day theory has a lot to do with the dialogue, sound effects, music, and lyrics itself.The sound of gun shots, a heart monitor, church bells, a 21 gun salute, and an excerpt from one of the Nation ofIslam's recordings of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakan, aids in making this recording a haunting one.While Makaveli conveys anger towards some individuals within the Rap Music Industry; the recording itself is also positive. Fans who may have felt dismayed over 2Pac's ?death? can be re-assured by the lyrics - throughout the recording that Makaveli is alive and well. Paying close attention to the lyrics of Bomb First, Hail Mary, Blasphemy, and the final song Against All Odds, will give listeners a glimpse at the gradual changes and phases of development that Makaveli went through. Makaveli starts off in a fit of rage, turns into a rebellious youth, grow into an adult who is hell bent on revenged and evolves or metamorphosises into a seasoned and savvied supernatural force - which recognizes the importance of racial harmony, higher authorities, and the power of redemption. "Dear Lord, don't let me die tonight...","Brothers getting shot - comin' back resurrected...","He was a friend - now he's a ghost in the dark.",are just a few of the chilling phrases that point to Makaveli's existence.

Not necessarily The Last Word

With so many unanswered questions surrounding 2Pac's "death", as well as difficulties at Death Row Records due to the incarceration of Marion Suge Knight - it's founder who sits in jail for a probation violation, rather then at the helm of his company; fans are more than a tad haunted by phrases like: "Dear Lord don't let me die tonight.""Brothers getting shot - coming back resurrected", and "He who was a friend - now's aghost in the dark."There are those who continue to entertain scenarios about 2Pac being yet alive, or resurrected. Because The New and "Untouchable" Death Row Record Company is one of the biggest success stories in the history of black music today, and because 2Pac aka Makaveli does survive via his label Makaveli, his CD/tape Makaveli - the don killuminati - 7 day theory, and in spirit; loyal 2Pac fans are constructing what some consider -- rather absurd and unrealistic theories.Theories - by the way which aren't so ridiculous to loyal 2Pac fans who understand that he fashioned himself as a "Real Life Gangsta'", used mafia and organized crime terminology and metaphors in his lyrics, and had gang affiliations.

Within this context, why a gangsta' wouldn't go underground under such circumstances would be absurd?to them, 2Pac would need only to get contact lenses, grow his hair, get plastic surgery, have his tattoos removed, his skin bleached, loose/gain some weight, and have his voice surgically altered- to come back as a newcomer.With his creative genius and business savvy, he could go to the top again in no-time. One thing for sure, at least 2Pac theorist believe that he'll come back to do bigger and better things; compared to Elvis theorist who believe that he's alive -- and well, and sipping slurppies at some 711.I'm more concerned about why our young people need these theories, then I am about the theories themselves.

Those from my generation can recall the void which was left, and the overwhelming sense of loose that we experienced when such legendary artists as: Otis Redding, Hendrix, and Marvin Gaye were struck down at the height of their careers. Which is why it's easy for us to support this generation. Like 2Pac our entertainment icons were also flawed. Both Hendrix and Marley are remembered not for their drug and alcohol abuse, but for their creative genius. While Marvin Gaye was killed during an ugly altercation involving his parents. I said all of that, to say this, "Despite 2Pac's lifestyle as a defiant "real life gangsta", he made an impact in the industry and received a prominent place in the hearts of our youth." Computer savvied fans who are familiar with "html" (hypertext markup language) and Unix (internet), have erected a shrine in his memory in cyberspace ( a dimension of space where information is transferred). Anyone with access to a PC (personal computer and a web browser like America Online, Netscape, or Micro Soft Net) need only - to type "Tupac" or "2Pac" into the prompt (keyboard) to get almost five hundred entries or web sites (areas of information). These five hundred or so 2Pac sites pale in comparison to the twelve thousand plus Jerry Garcia sites. (Garcia who diedthis August, was a lead guitarist with the 60's rock group, The Greatful Dead)Both artist were powerhouse counter-culture musical icons with large cult-like followings.However, the lions' share of Garcia's fans are White Baby Boomers and Yuppies who have greater access to PC's and the internet both in their homes and on their jobs. 2Pac's fans on the other hand, are most often Black, Latino, or New Asian Immigrant Generation "X"ers and youth who have much less access to PC's (in most cases) except perhaps at school, libraries, and community centers. It's phenomenal that so many 2Pac sites are up in such ashort period of time.2Pac's Cyber Shrine includes tributes, biographies, interviews, news updates, 2Pac song libraries, and the most beautiful color photos and portraits that I have ever seen. (All of which can be downloaded)

The last time that I visited the TUPAC SHAKUR - OUR FINAL THOUGHTS site, I was number 3,470. I was also visitor number 38,809 to the UNOFFICIAL TUPAC HOMEPAGE, and number 11,366 at the (2Pac) TRIBUTE PAGE. As of Monday November 18, 1996 - Death Row Records went online. (Just type in Death Row at a prompt) These sites are cathartic outlets for grieving and disheartened fans who can reach out and comfort each other. Said one fan, "I want to try and make this page a little different from the rest... My objectives are to collect and post responses to Shakur's murder, provide an outlet for those who lost a part of their soul, conduct polls and gather statistics surrounding Shakur's murder, and publish information gathered from polls..." (Rather comprehensive) These sites are not only informative, but also heartwarming. To family and friends of young people who are coming to terms with 2Pac's "death", I suggest that you browse these sites and download some of the materials. I downloaded a biography and several photos for my adult son, my pre-teen daughter, and my teenage nephew and nieces. They cherish them. Young people can also join the fan club at:

P.O. Box 2694
Decatur, GA30031

Friends, enemies, and fans had candle-light vigils and a memorial celebration on November 10th which took place at the Atlanta Civic Center.In addition, they can use the technology of the internet to help allay their grief. Most 2Pac fans will still doubt until which time that more information comes forth. While we all await the results of investigations by the Las Vegas Police Department and the FBI let's remember to be empathetic. 2Pac may well indeed be dead--but certainly not gone as long as he remains alive as Makaveli in the form of his record label, his music, and Makaveli the creative and untouchable force. 2Pac is to today's youth, what Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Otis Redding, and Marvin Gaye are to my generation.


Karen Eugenia Murphy Smith.

My Theory
By J.D. Bastin

Many people have written to me in the past few months asking about my thoughts on Tupacís death. We all have our opinions on the situation but based on all the information I have heard, I would like to finally state what I feel really happened and address the issue of the Alive Theory. First, the theory that he faked his death. I was very interested in this idea at first. It may have been because I didnít want to accept the fact that he was dead plus the fact that there are many coincidences which donít seem to add up. After looking at all the coincidences, it seems to me that they are either very circumstantial or completely false rumors. It would have been a great scheme but after seeing the blood splattered all over the seats on the Americaís Most Wanted tape, and seeing the pain in his motherís eyes, I really do believe that he is dead. The reason that I continue to display the "Is Tupac Alive?" page is because I donít claim to be 100% correct so I leave it to the rest of the world to decide for themselves. So if he didnít fake his death, then who killed him? I have two theories about this but they both involve the same individuals as the actual killers. The scuffle at the MGM in Las Vegas started long before that night. Orlando Anderson was beaten by members of the Death Row organization at a party months before. Coincidentally, Anderson and two relatives, who together are the LVPDís three remaining suspects, were in Las Vegas for the fight. There was also a reported bounty on the Death Row logo chain that was only given to Death Row employees. At a local Las Vegas mall, earlier before the Tyson fight, a possibly still bitter Anderson jumped at Tupac trying to snatch the DR chain off of his neck for maybe the bounty but I think more for humiliation. Tupacís bodyguards stopped him but it didnít end there. At the fight, the Death Row entourage spotted Anderson and beat the hell out him, which is what is seen on the surveillance tape. Contrary to original police reports, there would have been plenty of time for Anderson to regroup with his associates. Tupac and Suge went and changed clothes to get ready to go to Club 662, which gave Anderson the time he needed. Then the shooting occurred and the rest is history. Police questioned Anderson but without evidence, I donít see how they could prosecute him. He was reportedly going around bragging about being involved in the shooting and the police had reason to believe that he was driving the Cadillac. That would mean that another person with him did the actual shooting and Anderson never, to my knowledge, named whom he was with besides his two relatives. This is what I believe happened but it is the motive that concerns me. Using this theory, the motive would have been revenge as result of the beating at the MGM but there could be much more to the story.

I think it is ridiculous to believe that Bad Boy records had anything to do with the shooting. They were nothing but talk on records and an occasional confrontation but it would never have come down to murder. The first thing many East Coast rappers said when asked who killed him was "Suge Knight." This is where there could be more to the story. Trouble may have began for Tupac in late 1995 when Suge Knight put up the money to get him released, pending appeal, from Rikers Island. I saw the contract that Tupac signed and it was pathetic. It looked like it was written in crayon. It called for Tupac to do three albums for Death Row in exchange for his freedom. I think that given this or any deal, Tupac would have accepted just to get out of prison. So he signed the contract and, perhaps, his life away. Immediately after being released, Tupac flew to L.A. were he went straight to the studio to pay off his debt. Soon after, All Eyez on Me was released which was a double album so that fulfilled two of the three required albums. The problem was that Tupac was getting no accounting from Death Row as to where the profits were going. They would send him a car to make him happy or buy a house but nothing was ever in his name. In a sense, he had nothing and Death Row owned him. Just prior to his death, he decided that he had had enough and mailed Death Row records attorney David Kenner a letter formally stating his intention to complete his contract with one more album and then leaving. What would Death Row do without its biggest act? That is when things get suspicious but you may ask, why kill him? The reason is that Tupac had 200 master tapes of recorded material worth millions and if he left, they came with him. Plus the hype from his death would generate even more money and since his third album, Makaveli, was completed, it would sell like crazy. Death Row would have itís part of the deal fulfilled but it didnít want to give up a gold mine like Tupac that easy. Now his mother is fighting to get the tapes but they have suddenly turned up missing. It was all about money. After the shooting, nobody from Death Row cooperates except Fula of the Outlawz. Then he turns up dead. You canít tell me that Orlando Anderson has connections with Fulaís killers in the east. Who does have connections? Suge Knight. Did Anderson testify against Suge at his probation trial? No, he said Suge had nothing to do with his beating. You may ask if I am saying that Suge and Anderson were in on it but given the fact that he didnít testify against Suge plus with Sugeís connections, why wouldnít Anderson and his crew be dead right now if they did kill Tupac. Also, under Sugeís orders nobody will identify Anderson or his crew. The one person who would, turns up dead. Can you just picture Suge telling Tupac, "don't where your vest tonight, it will be hot and we will be out partying." Also, why would the gunmen only shoot Tupac if he had the time to get off so many shots because Tupac wasn't the only one involved in the beating at the MGM, Suge was too. There are too many connections plus who would look to Suge if he is in the car with Tupac, Suge is Blood, Anderson Crip, and there was a history of beef between Anderson and Death Row. It is the perfect alibi for Suge while Anderson is under his protection from witnesses and revenge seekers. It is hard for me to imagine that the rest of the Death Row family could accept this since they were friends with Tupac like Snoop and the Dogg Pound. Maybe they donít know or are scared that it could happen to them. Snoop has been distancing himself from Death Row by taking separate planes and Hammer hired a 24 hour bodyguard. They seem to be scared and this corruption would most likely be the cause for Dre leaving Death Row in the first place. Death Row is currently being investigated for drug smuggling, street gang ties, and even ties to the New York mafia. In an organization like that, who knows where Tupacís money was going but it is conceivable to kill someone to not only protect Death Rowís income, but the income of many other criminal organizations. It would have been $0 with Tupac alive or millions with him dead owning the master tapes. This could go very deep. These are my thoughts. Everything I have said in here, I have some sort of evidence for me to believe it is true. You can believe what you want but in my mind, this is bigger than just some random act of violence. Even if Suge had nothing to do with Tupacís death, he was still killing him at the bank.

Copyright ©1997 J.D. Bastin All rights reserved